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Econo-Treat ® VBB-2200-2

Econo-Treat ® is the most cost effective of our systems to run due to it’s low power usage and is our most common system used for domestic sites.

The average family of 5 will use around 1000 litres of water per day, all going down the drain. The Econo-Treat ® system is designed to treat and recycle 2000 litres per day to produce clean, clear, odourless water, available for you to then use on your garden or lawn.

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For full details, download the performance certificate here

Key Benefits:
  • Saves water by recycling household water for garden use promoting growth.
  • Uses less power than most other systems, only 1.3KWH per day.
  • Safe and beneficial for the environment.
  • Eliminates offensive odours.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Adds to property values.
  • Difficult sites catered for.
  • Easily connects to existing households.
  • Passed through the National Test Field. What is this?
  • Designed to perform well in excess of all government design criteria.
  • An electronic alarm panel is provided to alert you to any problems in the unlikely event of a breakdown.
  • We provide ongoing servicing support and emergency phone contact.
  • 3 year warranty on Nitto blower.

Econo-Treat ® VBB-P-2000-3 (plastic tank)
This system is available in plastic for the hard to get to areas. Same systems as above but slightly smaller tank.

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Econo-Treat ® VBB-C-3000
Supercedes Maxi-Treat

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